Bialetti Refill Red Mug

Bialetti Refill Red Mug


The Eco-friendly Bialetti porcelain to-go mug it’s one way to help the planet by getting rid of those disposable and harmful one-use cups. On top of that, it’s more healthy for you because you are washing it in the best way, and of course the most important is that the coffee tastes better due to the thick porcelain that will keep it warm or cold for hours. Take this beautiful high-quality mug to-go every morning to your favorite café and have it refilled and make yourself the hero of the day by saving the planet.

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Your Coffee will taste better due to the porcelain, which keeps it warm.
Sanitarily much better because you are washing it.
Thermal insulation that keeps for 12h hot beverages and 24h cold beverages.
Very attractive and beautiful.
Easy to carry with you.
400 ml


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