“There is nothing better than a good Specialty Cyprus Coffee at 5 am”

Break free with the Aeropress

Our Coffees are direct trade, genuine Specialty grade, and Certified Organic from the tree to the coffee bag.

Finding rare coffees is like trying to find the lost city of Atlantis.

We want you to know what exactly you are buying, from plant to harvest and eventually roasted. We are transparent about all the processes of the crop, region, farm, and even the coffee farmers’ names with which we have a close connection. We want them to be paid relatively as their profit is less than the whole coffee chain, and let us remember that they do all the hard work.

We are not buying high-acidity coffee beans, and we believe that the coffee bean must be sweet, with different layers of tasting notes that exist naturally in the fruits, foods, herbs, and spices we can consume. The earthy, leathery-tasting notes mean that it’s a coffee we need to avoid.

Our coffee in Ethiopia, Honduras, and Peru is organically grown traditionally. The coffee farmers also own cattle that use their waste as fertilizer and the urine as a spray to protect the tree from diseases.

Before buying any fresh crop, we first take samples from our farmers. Our equipment is expensive scientific instruments that meter the density, humidity, TDS, and much more that coffee needs to comply with. We roast and cup in our lab, where our master coffee roaster, with our Q Grader, evaluates the quality by specialty coffee standards.

We buy coffee from all over the World, some areas are stunning, and there is the exact place that produces the most high-grade coffees. Getting those coffees is a real achievement, but 1-2% coffee is still scarce, hidden by banana trees and other high plantations. These kinds of trees are grown wild, so the quality and taste are incredible; getting that kind of coffee is a miracle.

But miracles do happen. In early 2022, we found Dario Heliberto Gonzalez, which owns land in the Antioquia territory, known as the capital of drug lords in the World, a life-threatening zone, especially for foreigners. Dario lives there with his wife and three sons making a living from the gift that mother nature gave him, which is putting his scarce and delicious coffee on auction for a premium price.

We traveled to the auction in Colombia and participated with 55 other roasters from all over the World who wanted Dario’s coffee. After some complex bidding, we were fortunate to win the whole lot, and we are now proudly roasting and selling it to our customers.

The bottom line is that we are working hard to find new coffee. And sometimes, this happens on dangerous grounds, so remember that when you are buying our coffee, in the cup, you are tasting our efforts and once-in-a-lifetime adventures.