The first Specialty, Cyprus Coffee

the real coffee for all the people

Ibrik Coffee is the first brewing method that people invented in coffee history. This kind of coffee has strongly blended into the traditions of many countries like Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey.

Its easy way of preparing and the affordable price made this the most attractive enjoyment for people, especially those from the lower grounds of society.

Due to its popularity, many coffee shops serving this type of coffee were extremely popular. For this reason, it became a social gathering for men to have a cup of coffee and play local backgammon championships.

Anyone can brew in their home.
Carefully selected specialty coffee
Roasted with family recipes
Finely ground wither in stone or metal grinders.

These coffee shops became an integral part of people’s daily routine, and eventually, besides the coffee, they started serving alcoholic drinks such as Cyprus cognac, Commandaria(sweet liqueur), and beer.

Traditionally the grinding method is with stone burrs in a super fine powder. The smell of freshly ground coffee travels hundreds of meters, creating a euphoria of senses, making you ready to talk with your loved ones about your most hidden secrets, ideas, and pieces of advice or even stay immensely enjoying the moment.