Blomboom Organic Pure Cocoa

Blomboom Organic Pure Cocoa


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Blömboom means “strong as a monkey“.
The Pure Cocoa impresses with its dark colour and intense cocoa taste. In addition, Pure Cocoa is less prone to lump formation than other cocoa products.

Our cocoa beans ripen on the plantations in South America.You can taste it, and that’s why we use so many of them. Our chocolate content is impressive. Because more is more. And less would be monkeying around!

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Delicious And Nutritious Ingredients
package 200gr Net

Cocoa (highly deoiled)* 100%. * Organic


Nutritional information per 100 g

  •  1428 kj
  •  343 kcal
  •  11 g
  •  6.6 g
  •  23 g
  •  0.5 g
  •  22.5 g
  •  0 g


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