Hoop Coffee Brewer

Hoop Coffee Brewer


Best new product 2023 in Athens at the World of Coffee

The Hoop Coffee Brewer is not just another product. It’s a new, innovative, and easy-to-prepare brewer that has been recognized as the winner of the prestigious ‘Best New Product 2023’ category in Athens at the World of Coffee. This accolade is a clear testament to its exceptional quality and performance.

The Hoop Coffee Brewer is designed with your convenience in mind. With just four simple steps and three easy-to-use accessories, it’s a breeze to prepare your perfect cup of coffee. Insert the filter, attach the filter tower, rinse the filter, pour coffee and hot water, and let Hoop take care of the rest. The water is evenly and regularly filtered through the coffee bed, ensuring a perfect extraction every time.


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Package contents:

  • Hoop Coffee brewer
  • 100 pcs of paper filters

Coffee recipe:

  • Rinse the paper filter
  • Pour in 13 g of medium ground coffee (as on AeroPress)
  • Pour 300 ml of water at a temperature of 95 degrees around the filter tower
  • After 20 seconds, stir the coffee with a spoon
  • We wait 3-4 minutes, and it’s done!

*Hoop can prepare a drink with a maximum of 20g of coffee; with a larger amount, it can start to clog.

Hoop is a brewer for everyone, regardless of your coffee knowledge or skills. It’s designed to make high-quality coffee accessible to all, so you can enjoy a delicious cup without any barriers.

Not only is the Hoop Coffee Brewer easy to prepare and clean, but it also offers versatility. Whether you’re a coffee novice or an experienced brewer, Hoop is suitable for all. Experiment with different recipes and find your ideal cup of coffee with ease.

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