Organic Cyprus Coffee

Organic Cyprus Coffee


Sourced as a green bean from a certified organic farm in Peru at an elevation of 1400 meters, we have given birth to the first and only Organic Cyprus Coffee. Specially roasted with the Artisan way in a combination of the latest technology and literately spending days in our sophisticated lab running tests, we have proudly given the World of Coffee this exceptional Coffee style with hundreds of years of history.
This Peruvian Organic Cyprus Coffee is a Coffee that will indeed become your must to drink daily beverage.

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The first and only Organic Cyprus Coffee, freshly roasted, grind, and specially packaged. The exceptional aroma and natural tasting notes of dark chocolate with a buttery smooth aftertaste. We use modern ways of grinding, exposing full, rich aroma and sweet taste, and as a full-body coffee, it reaches World Championships standards.

Specially packaged in paper Kraft and one-way valve, it preserves the coffee always fresh. Our Coffee bags are also equipped with high-quality tin ties, which will allow open and close the packaging, ensuring freshness at its maximum.

The new Era for the Cyprus style coffee began in Peru’s organic plantations at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level. At Rich Coffee Roasters, we always choose and buy fresh crops of raw coffee beans ensuring the highest quality possible for our customers.

After endless days of roasting and tasting coffee in our lab, we concluded that we should go for Peruvian Coffees. Still, to safely choose the best possible coffee for our clients we had to travel to Peru in an area called Yanesha , trust us is not a walk in a Park, after hours of walking in the thick forest we came into this fantastic village called Cepro surrounded with Organic Coffee plantations of the Typica family.

The specific farm uses the washed process method to separate the bean from the skin, which gives more depth in the cup’s rather an acidity of the natural processed coffees. After cupping the specific single-origin coffee, it was clear this farm is the birthplace of the first Organic Cyprus Coffee in the world!

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